Using This Data
This site is designed to allow you to explore data from various sources. The restrictions for using this data are available in the disclaimer. Data availability varies by country.
Within the site you can easily visualize trends, explore multiple indicators for an specific country, or visualize the same indicator for multiple countries. Search is available to find specific Indicators, Topics, or Countries.
Some important features of this website include:
- Data on LAC countries at a granular level not available in other sources.
- Unique indicators, such as Dollarization, Domestic Public Debt, the Poverty Wage, and Percent Participation in Pension and Social Security.
- Social Outlook indicators carefully curated by IDB social sector specialists.
- Interactive and animated data visualizations.
- Quick and easy access to data for all - economists, statisticians, journalists, and development practitioners.
- Easy to reuse and share the data.
Download the Data: Data download is available in the following formats: Excel and CSV, or it can be sent by e-mail.The data can be downloaded in its entirety, limited to the data available on a single page, or by topic.
Country @ a Glance
A selection of key indicators give an overview of development in a particular country. Data download is available for Country @ a Glance in the Excel and CSV, or it can be sent by e-mail.
Country @ a Glance : Macroeconomic Profile
A selection of key macroeconomic indicators from Latin Macro Watch, which contains the material behind the macroeconomic analysis carried out by the IDB Research Department.
Country @ a Glance : Social Inclusion
A selection of the diverse dataset of social indicators designed to capture social conditions in Latin America and the Caribbean found in Sociómetro-BID.
Country @ a Glance : Global Integration
A selection of key indicators from INTradeBID related to the LAC region's integration by highlighting a country's exports in a specific category.
Data Highlights
Offers an interactive and visual presentation of interesting correlations from different data sources regionally.
Trend View
To build a trend view select as many countries as needed from the Indicator Table by clicking the trending button . See example below.
Indicators by Country Charts
To build a chart showing the correlation between two indicators for a certain country select two indicators from the Country Table. See example below.
Other Features
Spark Charts: Show the general shape over time of the data of a given country. Spark charts are automatically generated and available in every table within Country and Indicator browsing.
Year View (available under Indicator browsing): Click on the column’s headers to select up to 5 years and generate a bar chart that displays data for all countries.
Changing Years: By default data is displayed for the last five years. To change the five year range, move the button on the time scale. Where available, you can select to view the data annually, quarterly, or monthly.
Metadata: Under Indicator browsing, click View Metadata to display the indicator’s metadata. This option is always available to the right of the indicator title. In the Country Table, the indicator metadata is available by mousing over the title of the indicator.